Pearl white…just wow

So I’m getting close to ordering my M3P (I make car decisions months in advance of actually purchasing one) and I’ve been set on getting it in blue ever since I started seeing that the paint issues have been fixed and I wouldn’t be almost required to get a wrap. I love the color blue, my Camaro was blue and man was it gorgeous, and Tesla’s blue looks really nice in the pictures.

However, I was at a gas station the other day and a brand new Model Y LR pulled in to get a drink or something, and I was floored at how good it looked. The owner had specced the pearl white color with the black turbine wheels and damn. It still had the temporary tag on it, so I know the black trim was factory as well. I’m sure a ton of people on here already know this, but if you haven’t seen pearl white in person, go check it out, its not just plain white like you see on a lot of other cars. Its almost got this slight halo pearlescent effect that really makes the lines on the car pop.

I just couldn’t believe how good it looked in person, especially with the black wheels and black trim pieces. Pictures do not do that color justice. I’m actually kind of shocked how much I like it, I’m absolutely choosing white over blue now. It’s kind of nice too, because that basically makes my cost the same as what I was planning for before the $1k price increase! I do intend to get a clear protective film on the parts most likely to be chipped, but that’s a hell of a lot cheaper than a whole body wrap!

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