How high does the monthly subscription for full self driving need to be to make the $10,000 one time price a good value?

So more and more reports/rumors are coming out that Tesla is launching a pay-as-you-go subscription for FSD before Q2 wraps up.

Assuming the feature is as good as advertised and is out of beta when the subscription option hits the street: What monthly rate does it need to be to make buying the $10k FSD option today a good buy?

First, as of now, FSD is tied to the car, not the owner. Therefore the FSD option only has value so long as you own the car. Second, at least through Tesla, FSD has zero trade-in value. So $10K is essentially a one time, non-cancellable subscription for your ownership of the car.

If the subscription costs $100/mo then you’d break even at around month 100, which is 8 years and 4 months of ownership. Me personally, I’m guessing I’ll have upgraded or at least strongly considering it by then.

Not included in that math is the tax and interest which is charged on the software when you buy it up front which will vary from person to person.

Also there’s the opportunity cost of not having that $10k in your pocket for those 8+ years.

So where do you think Tesla needs to price the subscription to not infuriate the people paying $10K for it? Will anyone be willing to add that much to their monthly bills to add the feature?

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