Will the Cybertruck really be released?

I have just recently been super interested in the cybertruck, i even pre ordered it. Upon further research though, Ive realized they haven’t even released the real model? Also, there doesn’t seem to be any new news in the past year. I watched a Joe Rogan episode where he had a guest who was talking about how there’s now way the truck would pass all the laws because of the way its built, it was slapped together for the demo etc etc. I’m really bummed by this because Ive got myself super hyped over this truck in the past few days.

I’ve NEVER been a car guy. I grew up in the car business, my dad owned dealerships, and we have always driven any cars off the lot, but they never interested me. I drive a 2013 Toyota Prius because it was very practice with what I did. It’s paid off and have always had no desire for a car payment. I always thought “why get a new car, when I can invest in another rental house, stock market, etc etc. BUT, this truck is INCREDIBLE. I have a concrete business as well and it would be very useful as well.

I think the reason this truck draws me, is because its different and polarizing. I also love tech. I’m big into Apple, video games, and VR. Ive always heard of Tesla and had a basic knowledge, but now I’m starting to become fascinated. Anyways, I joined the group. Happy to be here

TLDR. What’s going on with cyber truck? Do yall think it will be released on par with what was presented? What time frame?

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