Usb C ports on New Tesla model 3 LR

Hello everyone, I just took delivery of a 2021 model 3. It seems my car was configured a little different from all the videos I’ve seen. On a positive note I have a heated steering wheel. Looks like tesla took away all usb A ports. I have 2 usb type C ports inside the center console closest to the cup holders. I was expecting the 1 usb A and 1 usb C in the back of the center console under the screen. Also have the 2 usb type C ports for the passengers, but I already knew about that update. So USB type C should be faster but I’m getting less than a 1 amp charge to my iPhone. I’ve tested on multiple adapters and cables, all consistently under 1 amp. I’m going to submit a service request and see if this is expected. Besides that I’m loving my Tesla!

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