Feature request / bug report: use voice command to dial 911

I was driving on a highway today in heavy rain and came upon some vehicles that looked like they were in an accident. One of the cars was stopped in a travel lane and due to the heavy rain and mist from cars it was very difficult to see the car in the travel lane until you were right up on it. A dangerous situation so I wanted to notify highway patrol immediately.

I pressed the right steering wheel scroll wheel and said ”dial 9 1 1”. On the voice dictation card, it correctly displayed DIAL 911 but the car didn’t actually do anything and the card disappeared after a few seconds. So I tried again and activated voice command and said ”call 9 1 1”. Again it transcribed my words correctly and displayed CALL 911 but didn’t do anything and the card disappeared. So I had to do it manually.

I was disappointed that the car would dial a full 10 digital phone number from the same voice command but wouldn’t dial the emergency number when I needed to be paying attention to the road.

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