Renewing my Toyota RAV4 lease…. or how I bought a Model Y.

Bear with me… it’s long and I need to get it out!

I have a month left in my Rav4. My Toyota’s have been ridiculously reliable. The Rav isn’t anything fancy and today I went to just lease another one. I wanted the same model, keep it simple. My old neighbor is the salesman, or should have been had he not gotten Covid and is still recovering. No big deal, he will call ahead any make sure they take care of me. Tells me to see Sam.

I show up and ask for Sam. He hands me to someone else (strike 1). This tool never gives me his name (strike 2). I’m already fuming, I ask for the same model but want to test drive because Toyota put an electronically controlled continuous variable trans in it ( had one in a Chevy and it was horrible). I drive it… it drives like crap. He gets me a hybrid model with more bells and whistles to test, this drives really nice. I ask him how much. Come back with $598!! It wasnt that nice! He says “well my manger want to know what number is good for you”. It’s a lease!!!! Since when do they attempt to deal on a lease!! He starts all the typical car salesman crap (strike 3). I’m done. Tell him I’ll get back to him. They offer the find the model down that’s cheaper but want $500 to do that.

I leave. My wife knows I want a Tesla. She convinces to go look at least.

We show up to dealer, no pressure from the get go, test drive the 3 and Y. It drives 100 times better then the Rav. He goes over everything I ask. There’s no pressure to buy, no pressure to upsell. He already convinced the kids. I’m sold. The buying process simple the worst part is the wait, but that’s only a week. I didn’t care about color and they had a long distance Black on the way to the dealer this week. It’s now mine. In the end I’m paying $50 LESS then the fancy Rav4 and I’m getting more features. I didn’t get the FSD but outside of no Apple CarPlay it’s has MORE.

So I’m think I’m going to be happy and you are still reading, thanks for listening. I needed to vent!!

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