Picked up Model Y yesterday! It’s a game changer…

Let me start with a little background…

I grew up (37 now) around cars of all types. My father owned several dealerships over the years and I was fortunate enough to spend most of my life riding in and driving all types of.awesome cars. He owned Chevy, Dodge, Mitsubishi, Kia, and Nissan dealerships over the years.

My first job was detaling cars at the lot when I was 16 and eventually was a finance manager when I was in college. Most of my life was ingulfed in the craziness of a car dealership. I eventually left the business (it wasn’t for me) and started a new career once I graduated college.

Turn the page forward to the purchase of the Model Y for.my wife… The ease of purchase and the non haggling price and rates and everything else under the sun that used used be part of.my job, was simply AMAZING! Even growing up in the biz, I hated the thought of having to go talk to a salesman and negotiate and then go to finance for hours and negotiate more… Tesla has hit a hometown with with me in their purchase and delivery model.

I was able to talk to my sales advisor anytime i.needed to and was super impressed with the professionals at the Kansas City Stateline rd SC! They were professional, fast and super friendly. The car was in perfect condition and oh yeah I forgot to talk about the car!!! This car is simy amazing! The comfort, handling and pure awesomeness is astonishing! If you made it this far then you probably already know how great these cars are! Thanks again Tesla!

TLDR: I grew up with a dad who owned lots of car dealerships and this was the best, easiest and fastest purchase I have ever been a part of! Oh and car is the most amazing car I have ever owned!

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