Godzilla noise coming from wheel

Hi All,

I’ve been scouring YouTube and this subreddit to see if I could find a similar noise and how to remedy it to no avail. It sounds like Godzilla powering up his atomic breath as a I speed up.

https://youtu.be/ikDFk_c3_bI (35 seconds in)

It sounds kinda like when you drive over those little ribbed parts of the highway on the shoulder that keep you from drifting out of the lane.

I can only hear it when I drive straight or turn left. It does not make the sound when I am turning right.

I have an appointment at the service center in about 2 weeks but I have a 1000 mile trip coming up before then so it would be nice to figure out if it’s just an annoying noise or cause for concern.

Thank you all for your help!

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