Ford F-150 Hybrid with Pro Power Onboard Charging my Tesla Model 3

Ford F-150 Hybrid with Pro Power Onboard Charging my Tesla Model 3

A friend just got a new Ford F-150 Hybrid with the “Pro Power Onboard” feature which is a 7.2kW inverter. It provides a L14-30 receptacle (along with four NEMA 5-15 receptacles).

So of course this test *had* to happen. 😉 It would be a great way to “rescue” stranded EV’s.

Ford F-150 Hybrid charginig my Tesla Model 3

It looks like neutral and ground are bonded together inside the F-150 which is good as the Tesla will refuse to charge otherwise (easy to accomplish though if needed).

L14-30R receptacle with adapter to NEMA 14-50R so I could plug in my UMC Gen 2

The truck idled at about 1000 RPM. Way quieter than a portable generator!

I took it right to the max of 30a, it only dropped a couple of volts to 236 volts

I am curious if the Ford would put up with hours of charging at this rate? Technically, EV charging is always considered a “continuous load” under NEC and so you are supposed to only pull 24 amps (80%) on a 30a circuit. But I don’t know that NEC even applies here as it is not a structure? The truck says it is rated for 7.2kW so why not?

The Tesla says it is drawing 30a @ almost 240v

So we are loading the truck right up just about to its limit. I would be curious if it would put up with doing this for a full charging session? We just tested for a few minutes to prove it was possible. 😉

I have a video of this as well but Reddit does not yet support video.

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