Pure Speculation: Model S refresh LR has an 85kWh battery, Plaid has a 100kWh battery, Plaid+ has a 100kWh battery with 4680s

The Plaid+ battery isn’t really a debate, more than likely.

Biggest Takeaway:

  • The new Model S LR is the most efficient EV on the market, beating out the top version of the Lucid Air.

Tesla lowered the weight of the new long range Model S by 6.5% (4,883 lbs to 4,561 lbs). They claim to have improved the battery chemistry. This combined and the car is only rated to achieve 10 more miles of range.

The Tesla Model S Performance was rated at 348 miles. The Plaid has a range improvement of roughly 12% increase over this previous generation. Going from an 85kWh pack to a 100kWh pack is an increase of ~17.5% in size, but there is a third motor which may or may not be less efficient, depending upon the “tuning” done. It makes sense to assume Tesla wants performance over efficiency for Plaid.

And finally for the Plaid+, 522 miles is roughly a 33% increase over the 390 the Plaid Model S is rated to achieve. This was roughly the estimated range improvement increase expected as discussed during battery day.

The outcomes are:

  • Plaid Model S should be a very high profit margin car, given it’s 50% increase in pricing over the LR Model S, even when considering the extra motor and battery cells used.
  • The LR Model S is rated at 4.85 miles of range per kWh (beating the Lucid Air’s top model which is rated at 4.58 miles/kWh) and will be the most efficient electric vehicle on the market until the Plaid+ Model S is sold, which should achieve 5.22 miles of range per kWh.
  • The smaller battery pack for the LR Model S is what is allowing it to charger faster than the 3/Y and the BMS/cooling systems should also help (I’m guessing, the numbers will eventually be even better thanks to the cooling system).
  • Tesla will be less battery constrained, thanks to a reduction of 15% of battery cells for the LR versions of the Model S and X.
  • The Model S still does not charge at the same rate as the 3/Y from a per energy used perspective. However, thanks to the new efficiency, it doesn’t have to.

Extra Fun Speculation:

  • The LR versions of Model S, X, 3 and Y are all going to have the same battery pack soon. All around 85kWh. However, the Model S/X will retain other features (likely different motor design), which will enable the Model S to stay above the 3/Y from a range perspective. Eventually, the 3/Y will adopt the new Model S/X motors (but probably 1-2 years from now).

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