PSA 2021.4.10 doesn’t fix cam and yours might not have been recording for months

Some months ago we stopped being able to able to see video’s in the car despite having usb since 2019 European delivery of our model 3 but it still showed everything normal as far as we could tell. I know others are experiencing the same. Giving that only recently one of us started driving to work again we didn’t mind having to take it in manually if it ever came to issues.

But we where wrong. Even 4.10 didn’t fix our issue as it’s something completely different: what I suspect is all USB drives stopped working after a 2020 update I can’t figure which and if you didn’t notice the cam icon which is not the sentry icon disappeared you can’t tell. Now this happend while many owners like us is working from home most or all the time so like us I suspect many don’t even realize today if they like us didn’t check videos religiously every time. I suspect it might be related to certain 2020 changes that per Tesla standard was communicated poorly. We must have sone at least 2 soft reboots in 2020 for other reasons but kept hearing cam viewing was a bug not usb related. So we didn’t dig too far into this.

It’s fixed by soft reboot and reformatting the key.

TL:DR you have to see 2 icons with sentry enabled: sentry and a small cam. This is important for older owners especially 2019 and earlier might believe its recorded but have to reformat perfectly working USB disk for it to actually work. Ours was not working for months before i dug into this.

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