Taking a Tesla into chilly wilderness

I just got a Tesla Mode Y, base model which has a range of ~220mi.

Tomorrow I’m going backpacking in Mt Lassen. The trailhead is about 50mi from a supercharger station.

Today I’m going to drive ~50mi to the trailhead, which is all uphill, and it’s around 42F here. Leave it for two days while I’m backpacking. When I get back to the car I’m really hoping I’ll have enough juice to get back to the supercharger and not end up stranded in Lassen.

I’m a bit concerned because I know Tesla’s can drain battery more when they’re left in the cold.

That being said, since the way in is mostly uphill, the way back is mostly downhill so I’m thinking that could work in my favor.

But according to my calculations, it’ll use say 40% of the battery to get to the trailhead. If it uses 40% to get back to the supercharger that leaves me with ~20%.

Do you think the Tesla will eat through that 20% over the two days I’m gone keeping the battery warm.

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