Someone is pretending to be with Tesla Insurance and trying to scam me for my VIN number. PSA for those that have Tesla Insurance.

Hi there,

I hit a raccoon with my Model 3 on December 21 and my body work was completed by the first week of January. Everything went super smoothly and Tesla Insurance was great to work with.

Anyway, starting Monday, I have received numerous calls and messages from someone claiming to be from Tesla/ Crawford insurance, and they keep asking for a picture of my VIN and the after-body work photos to “complete the virtual inspection”

I called Tesla Insurance and they said that there is nothing on their record, they would never send text messages like that, and the case has been closed. So it’s definitely a scam.

Questions I have: how did they get my information, and what could they do with my VIN number? Use it to get inside my car or something? I didn’t give them anything yet. Has this happened to anyone else?

I also want to make others aware of this in the event it happens to them too. Please call Tesla Insurance/Crawford before sending anything to anyone especially via text message. It sounded believable through messaging but when I spoke with him on the phone everything was suspect after that.

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