Wife got carsick while test driving a Model Y.

I was convinced that a Model Y was the car for our family of 4. We just needed to do the test drive so my wife could experience the awesomeness of Tesla. The kids were already sold. I drive an 911 so my wife would be the primary driver of the Y. Test drive went well other than my wife got car sick half way through the test drive. She said the regenerative braking was so strong the stopping motion made her sick. As the test drive went on, she was able to adjust the throttle so the drive was a little smoother. By that time she was already car sick and ready to return the car.

Needless to say, she is no longer interested in the Y. Tesla was willing to give us a weekend loaner to help learn how to properly drive a Y. Unfortunately, she is no longer interested in the car so I declined. Has anyone else had this issue? I’m also concerned about the regenerative braking locking up the wheels on the icy roads we have during the winter. Is there anyway to just allow the car to coast? The range of the model Y is plenty for our needs. I don’t need the extra mile of range the regenerative braking will give me. I would prefer the freedom to choose especially given road conditions.

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