Tesla Does Not Cover Unexpected Vehicle Noises Under Warranty

Hi all! I wanted to leave some information here regarding my experience with Tesla Service.

I have had my Tesla Model 3 Performance since August 2018 (back when they were selling for ~$78K fully loaded). I brought my car in for service numerous times primarily for cosmetic issues but occasionally for rattles and noises. In the past they tried addressing the noises and were partially successful.

Recently some of the rattling noises have become more pronounced and annoying. After making a service appointment I was told that noises are not covered under warranty and I would have to pay out of pocket to have them addressed. Tesla said any work done to fix noises in the past was a courtesy.

I am shocked that a luxury car brand would act this way. I love my Tesla but am becoming increasingly frustrated with quality and customer service.

I should add that this is my family’s 5th Tesla and that I have driven every currently available Performance Tesla except the old roadsters.

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