Regen temperature sensors overly responsive to cold air in 3/Y

I’m noticing a pattern both with my previous Model 3 and my new Model Y – the temperature sensors that decide when to allow more regen must be either very close to the outside air, or overly sensitive to small changes in temperature. I live on top of a hill so regen is crucial. Without regen my rout trip efficiency will drop from 300 Wh/m to anywhere from 400-800 Wh/m depending on regen. I keep my car in a garage at night where temps are never below about 50F. When i drive out of my neighborhood i have close to full regen. Within 2 minutes the regen plummets to almost zero, so i have to ride the real brakes all the way down the hill. At the bottom of the hill, the regen “recovers” almost immediately. Really aggravating. There is no way the giant battery mass has dropped 15 degrees in 2 minutes, nor could it rebound in temperature in 30 seconds. I’m tempted to put a hair dryer under the car in the morning lol. One thing i noticed is if i drive like a bat outta hell i can sometimes get full regen on most of the hill before the battery “cools off”.

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