PSA: A fix for the missing dashcam bug is inbound in update 2021.4.10

TL;DR: Firmware update 2021.4.10 is expected to resolve the Dashcam icon disappearing.

I’ve been dealing with a disappearing dashcam icon (and no recorded video as a result) for weeks now, and multiple updates haven’t resolved it. The drive needs no repair, reformatting doesn’t resolve, and simply removing and plugging back in the drive causes the dashcam icon to reappear in the Tesla interface. I set up a service appointment thinking it was no longer software-related after so many updates without any fix, and Tesla cancelled the appointment with the following response:

Hello from the Tesla West 4th Service Center. Regarding your Service request, please understand that what you are experiencing is a known firmware bug. Currently, Service Engineering is looking into this and expect it to be resolved in a future firmware update (expected in 2021.4.10). At the Service Center level, we are unable to make any firmware modifications to resolve this bug however we do recommend keeping your vehicle connected to a strong Wi-Fi signal whenever possible to help trigger any updates that may contain the fix. As there is no further action to take at this time, we will go ahead and close out your appointment. Thank you and have a nice day.

Hope this is helpful to any other frustrated folks with the same issue.

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