I sold my Tesla after one year (an honest review)

I bought a Tesla Model 3 last year and I just sold it. It was an AWD LR. Over 30,000 miles on it.

What I liked about the car:

  • Acceleration
  • Silence while driving
  • Not having to deal with transmissions/shifting
  • Comfort of the interior – seats felt nice on very long road trips
  • The software updates: car did not have Netflix/Hulu when I bought it
  • Sound system is fantastic
  • Voice navigation/song selection worked very, very well
  • Big beautiful screen that never lagged
  • One pedal driving
  • Not having to deal with sales people

What I really didn’t like:

  • Glitchy shit
    • Backup camera – weird colors, weird lighting, lags
    • Bluetooth calling – it worked, they broke it, it worked again, they broke it in December LOL
    • Auto wipers – totally useless
    • Lack of real blind spot monitoring (doesn’t work almost at all)
    • Lack of cross traffic alert
    • Self parking sucks
    • Auto high beams suck
    • Phantom breaking on Autopilot sucks
    • Had to have a seat sensor replaced within one month
    • Had to have two speakers replaced (I didn’t blast music FFS)
    • Had to have interior trim replaced.
    • The car does not get 320 miles, LOL. If I charged to 100% and drove to 0%, I’d expect maybe 250.

Overall, though:

Drivetrain: 10/10

Quality: 4/10

Overall: 6/10

So, after spending the last 3 months of test driving cars in anticipation of this sale, what am I going to get…

A 2021 Tesla Model S. HUH

Let me explain: You see, it’s like going from an iPhone to something shitty like a Blackberry. I test drove literally dozens of cars. BMWs, Audis, Mazdas, etc. I test drove all kinds of cars, with all kinds of powertrains and performance levels ranging from $30,000 to $90,000. No matter what OEM, I’d leave the dealership with the same thoughts:

  • “God that transmission jerking is freaking awful – feel like I’m waiting for clutch engagement and then downshifting at higher speeds”
  • “Man it’s awful listening to that exhaust”
  • “It sucks having to keep my foot in the brake”
  • “Wow – the MPG numbers are pretty crappy – I’m going to have to pay hundreds in gas each month”
  • “The screen is so tiny and laggy, how the hell can anyone see anything on this thing”
  • “You mean I have to connect my phone for media and I just can’t request a song”
  • “I can feel the engine shaking while holding the steering wheel”
  • “Damn these dealers are trying to screw me with nitrogen filled tires and fake paint protection BS”
    • BTW^^^I was nearly ready to buy a couple of cars (glad I didnt) but the pure amount of BS from car salesman made me think buying a Tesla and putting them out of business was worth it alone.

Bottom line – once you drive something so game changing like a Tesla – it’s incredibly difficult to go back. It really feels like you are driving old news, something that’s outdated.

As far as other EVs go, I test drove the Ford Mustang Mach E – the interior is nowhere near as nice as the Model 3/Y’s. Not to mention it doesn’t offer the same kind of features. The Leaf looks fugly and the Bolt looks fugly. I’m hoping with the Model S, including the new battery pack design, real world range is closer to 350+ miles and the comfort level in terms of road noise is a big step up with noise cancellation.

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