(Stock/Investment) Tesla’s Recent Moves Have Combined to Negatively Impact Its Stock Value

It appears that a combination of recent moves by Tesla are having a negative impact on Tesla Stock. First was the purchase of Bitcoin, this appeared to be a foolish use of Tesla stockholders money. As a result, Elon has had to try and justify and explain his action and it does not appear to be washing. Why not put that cash to use in improving and expanding customer service centers, something that would benefit Tesla and customers in the long run. Second, reducing the price on Tesla vehicles. This appears to tell investors that sales demand is not as rosy as the company wants it to appear. If you are selling everything you can produce and your profit margin is still slim you don’t cut price. Third, Tesla continually fails to meet its implied FSD promises. Time-after-time, Elon makes prognostications about FSD that he has to know he can’t achieve (at least not within the time frames he promises) and now investors are starting to lose confidence that he can ever deliver on those promises. The selective release to a few YouTubers has had the opposite effect from the intended one. They have repeatedly shown that while FSD betas they have are better than what the cars currently have, they are a long way from being ready for prime time.

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