Introducing Tessie for iOS & Android: Make life with a Tesla even better

When I bought my Tesla about a year ago, I noticed that the Tesla app and third-party apps and websites felt way less impressive than the actual car did.

So, after pouring in a lot of love, I’m excited to announce Tessie ( for iOS, Android and, soon, the web.

There are a lot of macro and micro improvements to the digital Tesla experience; too many to list here. Suffice it to say I’ve tried to improve every missing piece and sharp corner that I’ve come across as an owner, while making it all as beautiful, reliable and elegant as possible.

Tessie tries (and is trying) hard to live up to the sophistication of the actual cars. I’m not sure this will ever be fully obtainable, but that’s the goal.

Security design at By design, you’re authenticated directly through; Tessie cannot even see your credentials. Everything is encrypted in transit and at rest. Secure storage layers are used for both iOS and Android devices. A range of biometrics are supported as well.

It’s completely private. All data is 100% private and 100% yours. View it, use it, export it, delete your account instantly. No data or activity is shared with anyone, ever, period. Tessie is here to try to be an awesome product that makes your life a little nicer. That’s it.

By popular request during early testing, we introduced TeslaFi importing, which will automatically import and beautify all of your data.

Free for two weeks. $4.99/mo after. Less if you choose a year. Includes unlimited vehicles, cross-device access and family sharing. When the price goes up, you’ll keep this price forever. A small thank you for being an early adopter.

And, of course, a happiness guarantee: cancel anytime and contact us for a refund if you don’t love it.

Tessie is still in early, rapid development. If you have any feedback, feature requests or questions, let me know. It’s all appreciated. And if you ever need anything, please don’t hesitate to email [](

I hope you love Tessie. If not, hopefully we’ll get there.

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