To anybody who may offer their Plaid S to Doug Demuro, PLEASE show him NavonAP.

Doug releases this video today praising Super Cruise and frankly, their system does deserve praise. It’s a great competitor to autopilot.

With that said, this whole video gave me the vibe that Doug has never really used autopilot extensively! More specifically, it sounds like he’s never used Navigate on Autopilot. For where I live, I can’t imagine owning a car without NavonAP. The automatic overtaking of slower cars, and the automatic interchange handling and exit taking is second to none. There is no other company offering these features and it’s been a massive time saver to myself when traveling in an area I’m unfamiliar with. I never miss an exit.

I really hope /u/Doug-DeMuro sees this post or has an owner that can give him an in-depth autopilot review. I’ve been a looooong time follower since before he had a Youtube channel and this latest upload just feels so misleading to somebody who doesn’t know much about either system. I feel even /r/selfdrivingcars subreddit would agree that NavonAP is far more advanced.

When the Plaid Model S is delivered, and if he reviews one, I hope it’s somebody here that can show what Autopilot can really do.

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