PSA: Model Y Price in Canada now $ 8,200 more than buying from the US

The latest round of price cuts by Tesla makes it even harder to stomach purchasing a Tesla in Canada.

Let’s contrast Tesla with Ford since they have a fairly comparable product:

Ford Mach E California 1 LR:

US $ 49,800 -> CDN $ 62,825.19 , Canadian Website lists for $63, 475 ($ 650 premium)

Tesla Model Y LR:

US $ 48,990 -> CDN $ 61,803.33, Canadian Website lists for $ 69,990 ($ 8,190 premium)

Both cars made in the US, both pay the same fees to import. Tesla charges a very lofty premium for Canadians for no value added. This is a genuine concern many Canadians have when considering a Tesla and their focus on Canadian customers.

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