Why does it feel like you have to beg to get any attention from Tesla Support?

Hey Reddit,

I’m reaching this forum since I have absolutely no idea where else to ask for support. I have a 2016 Model S that was imported from the US to Canada and completed all inspections under my supervision. When the inspection was being done no one at Tesla mentioned the need for attaching a Tesla account to the car for “ownership” This was September of 2019. So I went about my time and used the car. Finally downloaded the app and realized that I can’t access my car through it.

This lead me to visit a Tesla store and ask them about it. The response was essentially “Goooood Luck, you have to reach online support and have them do this. It can take MONTHS”.

So I sent them an email. Never was replied to.

I found the transfer of ownership function on the website. But this doesn’t work. First it would say the names on the documents don’t match. Then after cropping and blowing out the contrast on the documents it finally read it but said the odometer doesn’t match. I would go to my car wait for the GPS and Spotify to connect and then check the odometer. Still didn’t match. any every time you try 3 times the system puts you on a timeout.

September 2020: The trunk of my car just refused to latch closed. It the trunk was laid on but wouldn’t lock the latch. I tried reaching support –> NO LUCK. go into the service centre and they essentially said if you don’t book through the app there is nothing that we can do. So I again sent an email. again nothing. sent more email. Nothing. By some magic the trunk latched close once. So I never opened it again. I’ve been having a very busy semester so I couldn’t follow up on this as frequently as it needed to. But again begs the question WHY DO YOU NEED TO FOLLOW UP SO MUCH TO GET an answer.

February 2021: Now the car has recall. AKA the monitor keeps resetting and taking so so long to load anything. When I want to start I get a prompt to “Hold Break down for 30 second” and sometimes the dash display resets and again from the top. I finally was magically represented with a chat function on the website and described this. The communicated through email to send documents.

– “we’ll get back to you in 72 hours tops.” —> 72 hours later and I reach out again. “we meant 72 working hours” (WHAAAT?) “it’ll be done by the end of the day”. It wasn’t. Next day reach out again and this time they assure me Kolby has been contacted directly and will get back to me ASAP. that was this morning. and Still nothing.

now I can’t even get the chat function of Tesla website anymore. to add trouble to the insult they’ve actually removed any supercharging function from the car. If you live in an apartment in Vancouver, there are not a lot of charing ports in parking lots. and street charging would cost you an arm and a leg most places. Or require you to park your car there and be back in several hours. So I can’t even charge effectively anymore. I have a very expensive art piece effectively.

Can someone please provide some guidance?

– I’ve called the service centre and tried practically every combination of dialled options and all lead to : “you must access service through the app”. Even if you pick the options that you are not an existing costumer and need support it still tell you to go through the app. There is nothing in the app outside of my contact info.

– I’ve posted on Tesla website forums. and still nothing.

-I even tried tweeting Elon and Tesla directly. I made a twitter account for this and have no follower. The post was seen and engaged with by what I can only assume is TESLA. But still no response.

What can I do to fix this? Why is it so difficult to get service on a “premium vehicle”. I really shouldn’t have to beg to have someone fix my issue –> yet I am begging and they still don’t give a shit. Why does it feel like the service staff are doing you a favour when this is essentially their job?


Tl;dr: Took the car for inspection, no one mentioned transfer of ownership in 2019. 2020 my car needed service but told I need to book through the app. 2021 I’m still waiting to have app rights to book through the app. Need recall, trunk hasn’t been accessed in 5 months, can’t charge and service staff keep telling me “by the end of the day” for a week.

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