PSA, don’t get your panel gaps fixed unless they are really bad

So I had a few panel gaps like I’m sure many of you do and the sales advisor let me know that I can report any issues within the first 100 miles and the service team would look into it for free and fix if anything wasn’t within spec. So I went ahead and made sure to report whatever I could find expecting that they have trained experts who can fix these issues. However, this was not the case.

First off I appreciate their willingness to try and fix everything instead of just telling me it was within spec and to go away. However, they did a horrible job. In trying to fix a gap by the door trim, they adjusted it but made everything else much worse. Additionally, they scuffed the paint in the corner of my door and the inside panel. I now am also getting tons of wind noise so I have to come back. They addressed some other gaps by the trunk but once again, it ended up making other parts worse. It’s never a perfect fix as you are surprised with another misaligned panel or gap in their attempt to fix the first one. I now regret ever taking it to get these gaps fixed because I don’t know if they will be able to fix the wind noise issue.

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