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My last post was deleted, but I find this to be relevant to the community here, so I will try this again. Also, before I get viciously attacked for spreading fear – I absolutely love my Model 3. It is easily the best purchase I’ve made (aside from my golden retriever). I average roughly 25k miles/year for work and get reimbursed for mileage. This car was a no-brainer, and I have had no major issues for 2+ years.

–CONTEXT– This happened to my 2018 Model 3 with 38k miles. I closed the door (with usual force) and the entire window spiderwebbed. When I opened the door, the window folded in half (see photos). It makes me wonder if there was a hairline fracture or defect. It’s also been below 0 degrees Fahrenheit the past 5 days, but this happened on a 20 degree day in my garage. There are several shards of glass in the wall of the door. I had aftermarket tint on the glass which likely helped keep the pieces together.

I have mobile service scheduled next Wednesday 2/24 and will continue to update this post. I’m not sure of they will be able to fix this, but I will find out soon enough.

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