If the current emergency in Texas isn’t the perfect opportunity to push Vehicle to Grid I don’t know what is.

Not just Texas, but other southern states are struggling with electricity supply right now, just like us Californians struggle with it at other times of the year. I feel like this would be a missed opportunity if the powers that be don’t see that a well thought out and properly set-up V2G system could really alleviate many of the issues they’re currently having.

As more and more people switch to electric vehicles, and we confront well founded concerns about the grid’s ability to handle such electricity demand, we should also be able to see that V2G could help with peaking generation as well as saving lives and the economy during an emergency. This subject should be pushed at the highest levels of government in order to facilitate OEMs and utility providers to make V2G a reality.

As a Powerwall owner myself, I understand Powerwall owners that may initially regret their huge purchase if V2G becomes a reality soon, but on the contrary, I see it as an opportunity to increase my home’s 27kWh system to well over 100kWh at minimal cost. We have most of the hardware already in place to make V2G work in our homes. In time I can see V2G hardware being standard equipment in every new home built, with the proper legislation in place.

That’s my two cents.

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