I am a protection engineer on the electric utility side for one of the world’s largest Tesla battery energy storage systems. AMA!

My name is Ricardo Rangel. I am a protection engineer for one of the nation’s largest electric utilities with a personal goal of leading the transition to 100% renewable energy. This goal has been my calling for many years. While completing my graduate degree, I worked on an algorithm to optimize the storage requirements for 100% renewable power systems which has recently gained recognition in academia.

My initial position in the electric industry was Design Engineer before my promotion to protection. As a System Protection engineer, I calculate relay settings for transmission protection systems and interconnection projects. One of my special projects is working with the team of protection engineers for the largest Tesla battery energy storage system at Moss Landing, California. AMA!

My Proof: https://twitter.com/RangelRicardo_/status/1362047136091705344

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