Preparing for test drive, then delivery – what should I know in 2021

I am test driving a Model 3 and a Model Y tomorrow. Leaning toward the LR 3 but am interested in the Y’s cargo space and tow hitch (for bike rack). I hope to place an order then.

For test-drive: – Anything I should look for, ask about, I have my own list, but if you have experience, what would you suggest.

For delivery: – What should I scrutinize before accepting the vehicle. I’ve heard panel gaps have been an issue. Are they still a problem, or even a big deal. – Do we know of anything new coming off the production line soon. In other words, any reason I should wait just a few months. – Any other tips for the best delivery experience and optimizing the quality and value of my purchase.

My main concerns: – I hear the new heat pump sometimes has problems. – Do you transport bicycles with your 3 – I think the main reason I’d get a Y is if there aren’t any good bike rack/transport options for the 3. that won’t scratch the paint (so no metal hooks). To avoid scratching, I typically prefer hitch-mounted racks like this one, but the M3 doesn’t have a hitch does it… I also like to keep tires on if possible. – Winter driving. I’m used to driving in the snow, and all-weather tires typically do well enough. Is the same true for a Tesla; will I need to switch tires every 6 months…


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