It seems as that we can expect the next Gigafactory to be in Russia.

It seems as that we can expect the next Gigafactory to be in Russia.

Just saw this mentioned and it gives see hope, Tesla is considering a russian expansion.

Russia is still an almost white spot for Tesla. There is of course a strong Tesla community, but it is small.

Right now, there is for example no map data in Russia for Tesla cars. Not good when you pass the border from the EU and the map screens turns blank. (Elon, please help. Get it changed in the software, so that we can drive to other countries from the EU.)

There are of course almost no superchargers in Russia and Kazakhstan. But there are a few, thanks Tesla !

(a set of 4 Superchargers in the Moscow area and in KZ in Nur Sultan 6x and Almaty 4x)

Kazakhstan is a differen country, but belongs to the russian economic region of 4 countries.

There is a russian law, that every ! gas station must have a electric charging possibility. But might be only a 220V outlet. So this is a good beginning.

So what could it be, they want to talk about. Hyundai for example has a car production in Russia and there are other car plants as well in Russia. Hyundai is producing a lot of cars there and the brand is very popular in Russia.

After India, this would be the right place to start a new factory. The new factory could be in Sankt Petersburg or somewhere else.

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