Bad job on the new UI

Sometime ago someone had mentioned that they didn’t understand why people were hating on the new M3/Y UI.

When my car updated, I thought it looked quite good!… until I used it more and more. Suddenly it felt off?

Now, I am no graphic designer. In fact, I know nothing about it. But I do know, reading the discussions back then, that there are certain “ratios”, and “elements”, and aesthetic rules as to where you place icons on a screen. I had seen two renditions of what this meant, but I can’t find them so I won’t link them.

When you see the hidden lines, you have a sort of intuition of, “oh, I’ve always had an inkling of those partitions, but its strange to see them for real.” its like seeing the margins of a word document.

So I decided, in my COVID free time, to try it out myself. It was pretty fun!

Here is my rendition of the old UI:

And the new one:

The first thing I noticed is the seeming sparseness of the new UI, which meant I had less things to find rations/relations with. Whether or not you think this is good or bad, I don’t know, but if I was actually driving, more things would appear on screen so I could’ve potentially had more to work with.

Second, everything that has a pair or triplet in the same color is the same length, besides the red. In the old UI you can see how structured different parts of the screen are. Whereas in the old one, things tend to feel a little off. I also would like to put some blame on the fact that I couldn’t figure out/unable to take a screenshot, so my camera warped it some.

There is also the box in the middle which I have put as reference. There are equal size boxes within the interlacing other ratios which I found interesting.

Thirdly is this idea of empty space. I like empty space. There’s a reason some homes have massive ceilings, or the long corridors of mansions, or even an open uninterrupted backyard. Somehow though, these proponents of the new UI seem to think that the old UI did not have any empty space, and that people are ignorant for not liking it now? Well it is very clear that in the old UI as in the new one, there is a ton of unused space in the middle where the car is seen driving. I would wager to say that the old UI had a good amount of empty space, and that the new one has too much. People say it’s for FSD, but not everyone has it, and not everyone uses it all the time, and as I write this I wonder… when the car is actually able to drive itself competently and legally, who is going to just stare at the rendition on the screen? Why not look up and actually see a real time, better version of what is going on down there? It is more safe, and if the screen is going to be used it will probably be used for watching videos or whatnot.

Of course you can all judge for yourself but here is my theory: there are so many more ratios going on in the old UI, and some may see that as overcomplicated, but I see it as a work of art. The mixing and complying with set rules makes for some very tidy UI, and I don’t think the new one was done properly. Of course, some actual designer may come in here and tell me I’m wrong, or how to improve on those that I made, and I welcome it!

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