FSD development a la Karpathy

Not really new, just insightful reading Karpathy’s posts. Many are wondering why it is taking as long as it is to get FSD to a wider public release. I thought this quote from Karpathy was telling in his approach:

“I have developed a specific process for myself that I follow when applying a neural net to a new problem, […] it builds from simple to complex and at every step of the way we make concrete hypotheses about what will happen and then either validate them with an experiment or investigate until we find some issue. What we try to prevent very hard is the introduction of a lot of “unverified” complexity at once, which is bound to introduce bugs/misconfigurations that will take forever to find (if ever).”

It’s gonna be a very gradual process. But this is definitely the right way. Tesla is lucky to have this guy developing their FSD software.


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