UK Prices Really Unfair Compared to EU

Tesla was quick to increase prices when the GBP to USD rate tanked. Now that the exchange rate is back to 1.38 the cars are so much more expensive then our neighbours in EU.

EU prices converted to GBP

€40k = £35k

€50k = £43.6k

€55k = £48k

UK prices

£40.5k +£5.5k ($7.6k higher)

£47k +£3.4k ($4.7k higher)

£60k +£12k ($16.6k higher)

VAT rates in countries like Germany are only 1% different from UK so that doesn’t justify the differences. It feel so wrong to pay $56,000 for a basic model 3 when EU is getting it for $7,600 less.

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