The machine that builds the machine is an underrated concept.

It would be interesting to see the total labor hours required to produce various vehicles. Having spent a lot of time exposed to the construction industry and labor unions there will obviously be resistance to automation but the labor component of any product is significant. Reducing labor cost via Giga Press, new wiring architecture, the tables 4860 cells, etc and the concept that the best part is no part is all designed to reduce labor. The electric motor and drive train alone is a huge labor savings. Elon has locked in on mass production and there is zero doubt in my mind that he can foster the collective efforts to achieve a unique solution. The thought that others can simply copy it at scale makes sense on the surface but the reality that innovation such as these cannibalizes legacy structures and creates strong internal resistance. Tesla seems to embrace change. Elon encourages ideas, how awesome would it be if you were a young kid and came up with something he liked enough to implement. People give him crap for being anti union but I truly believe Elon is pro people and pro happiness and he wants what’s best for them. Sure he’s a manic interns of work ethic but there was no other way. People study Toyota in business school, soon Tesla will be the company that others try to mimic. The machine that builds the machine concept almost killed the company, Fremont could have been a disaster, adjustments were made, knowledge was created and Elon fixed it.

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