Tesla Buena Park will not honor FSD price from my Model Y reservation

I’ve had a Model Y LR RWD reservation since November 2019 at the $7k FSD price. They recently have just removed the LR RWD option from the website. I’ve read that some people here have gotten their reservations changed to either AWD or SR RWD and had the FSD price on their original order transferred over. I just called and apparently the Tesla location that I’m assigned to said that they won’t do it and will just charge me the full current price.

To me, this seems unfair given that they’ve had my deposit all this time and essentially I have nothing to show for it since it would essentially be the same as if I just placed a brand new order.

Can I change a location or rep or something. What was the point of giving Tesla a deposit if they won’t honor any part of it.

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