PSA: Tesla does the EPA 2 cycle test and those tests are hilariously bad

I keep seeing a lot of misinformation on here that Tesla does the 5 cycle test and it gets them better EPA range results. I believed it too because that’s what a lot of articles said and who am I but a lowly non-journalist, a mere consumer of information. But I decided to dig deeper and actually look for the info myself because there was a lot of discrepancy between 5 cycle and 2 cycle EPA range tests.

Tesla submitted these docs for the EPA – one for the 2021 Model 3 and one for the 2021 Model Y. The results show that they only did the J1634 2012 test which only includes city, highway, and 55 mph constant speed test. They put the cars on a dyno and run these tests and apply a 70% de-rate and basically average it out. The 5 cycle test is called the expanded J1634 and it includes aggressive freeway, heater and AC use cycles. The 5 cycle would be MUCH MUCH MUCH more realistic but it would hurt EPA estimated range so nobody uses that test.

THESE TESTS ARE EXTREMELY UNREALISTIC. The highway test never exceeds 60 mph. The EPA ranges are basically bogus and Tesla has been optimizing for these tests.

We need to hold Tesla to a better standard. Don’t accept these extremely unrealistic figures as gospel. I would trust Edmunds or any other car reviews more than these EPA ratings.

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