Chased out of restroom at Marriott in Fairfield CA

This was bizarre. We (my wife and me) were chased out of the restroom from Courtyard by Marriott in Fairfield. We walked past the front desk since the lone staff was occupied. A few minutes later a maid banged on the door and told me to get out. We didn’t look like transients, so it must’ve been something else in the way we looked. I submitted a complaint to Marriott and haven’t heard from them. So I called the hotel and talked to the assistant manager who offered an apology and assured that we could use their restroom. Here is the copy of what I sent to Marriott:

Dear Marriott,

We stopped to use the restroom at Courtyard by Marriot in Fairfield Napa Area while charging our Tesla in the parking lot on Sunday 2/7 around 9AM. We usually go to Danny’s across the lot and have coffee while the car is charging, but they were closed due to pandemic, so we went to the hotel. A few minutes after, a maid banged on the men’s room door and yelled that I need to get out. The person at the front desk, who identified herself as Maria, apparently directed the maid to chase us out. I complained and she said it was not a public restroom and was against the hotel policy for non-guests to use it.

It was downright offensive and humiliating to get chased out of the restroom. It’s so unusual — many Tesla superchargers are in hotel parking lots and We’ve never encountered this kind of problem in our travel all over the country — you have to wonder if this has anything to do with our race. I certainly can’t imagine hotel staff at anywhere, let alone Marriott, rude enough to chase anybody out of their restrooms.

Please feel free to respond. I’ll have it posted on the Tesla community along with this complaint.

Thank you.

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