Features on 2018 Tesla Model S 75D

Hi, I’m looking at buying a used 2018 Model S 75D and I had some questions about equipment options.

I was trying to figure out if air suspension (with adjustable ride height) was standard on the 75D in 2018 or not (or if it became standard sometime during 2018). From what I’ve seen it looks like it was optional for a while, then it wasn’t offered at all on the 75D, and then it became standard, but I’m having trouble finding dates for everything.

Also, do all 2018 Model S’s have the HW2.5 Autopilot hardware?

I believe that the infotainment hardware was replaced in March of 2018. Is that right?

I live in Western NY and am looking for the heated steering wheel and heated rear seats. What’s the easiest way to tell if the car has the winter package?

Is there anything else to look for in terms of features / options on the 2018?


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