Edmunds test results skewed

Edmunds test results skewed


Edmunds table sorted by temperature

I agree with Edmunds that Teslas don’t reach their claimed range (mine doesn’t) at highway speeds. However that doesn’t mean Edmunds testing is done fairly.

Their test contains several obvious flaws: temperature being the worst.

Nobody can take these results seriously with such a wide range of temperatures, where temperature is THE factor influencing range. I added the presence of a heat pump for the various models and behold: not reaching your range is highly correlated to not having a heat pump. Only the Ford and Model Y deviate.

Other unknown and influencing factors: a 2018 Tesla has at least 5% degradation, and yes that car scores worst by about that figure. Things like wind, precipitation, car settings (Taycan was on “Eco” mode), rims/tires, and so on are all missing from the equation.

So: Dear Edmunds, we NEED tables like these, but please give us an apples to apples comparison and be complete with your reports.

I therefore request a standard set of range tests:

70mph @ 70F and @ 30F (at least)

Where range equals real world achievable range from 100% SoC to 20% SoC.

P.S. Taycans extremely low EPA rating was a choice by Porsche to conduct the 3x cycle + a 30% penalty in stead of the 5 cycle testing. We know it’s off and we know the Taycan is great & has great range at highway speed.

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