Tesla “Store” Reps

Just had a general question about the reps at the Tesla “stores/dealers” whatever you wanted to call them.

We recently went to a store to look at a MY. We were still very early in our search, and Tesla was not even a serious consideration at the time. We had an appointment with a rep, however when we came to the store, we were told that she was busy at the time and that he would take care of us instead. Additionally, he noted to us that Tesla is special because they are not commissioned at all, so it is not as if he’s taking the commission away from another agent. “Cool, we thought, that’s really fair”. However, looking for some confirmation on this claim. I googled a bit and I found a few articles claiming similar, but maybe not to the extent that he made it sound.

The oddest part is, we’ve been back a couple times since then, and even if we start working with a different agent, this specific agent always finds us and subtly pushes the other rep away. Normally, we wouldn’t care and it would totally make sense, if they were actually commissioned and he deserves the credit for working with us so much. It’s even gotten to the point where he’s started calling my wife directly, asking if we’re ready to order the car yet, since we were waiting on confirmation for the heated steering wheel.

For someone that’s supposedly “not commissioned”, he’s coming off really pushy, whereas in comparison to the other manufacturers we’ve looked at, Benz/Audi/BMW, we barely have had to deal with the dealer after we left the dealership.

TL;DR – Are Tesla reps actually not commissioned? Do they have any incentive to push us into cars?

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