Given Tesla’s emphasis on tech, is it better to lease a Tesla over purchasing outright?

I’ve been looking at the various models, and generally (not exact, but close) the lease price of a Tesla with an agreement for 15k miles/year, for 3 years, is roughly half that of a cash purchase, all upfront.

This basically means that you could go through 6 years of leasing for the same cost of buying outright. But you have not vehicle trade in value following the 6 years.

I would assume that the emphasis on tech would depreciate the value quicker, but looking at some older models, such as 2017 Model S’, they are currently selling for around $40-45k, on the low end. Do older Tesla’s really retain that sort of value?

I’m trying to decide whether or not it is better to lease, and invest the money saved through the term of the lease, and use it later when getting a new lease. I generally try to hold onto cars for around 5 years, but I’m trying to challenge whether that is a good strategy or not.

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