You can log in to YouTube in Tesla Theater using (the “runescape method”) – possibly temporary fix until that’s patched too

So, a while back, Google made a change that completely broke all workarounds (Plex, and most other websites with a “log in with Google” button) for logging in to YouTube from the Tesla Theater. See here: – the fix is simple, but Tesla has made virtually no indication that they understand the problem, let alone working on a fix.

It’s now been reported that a way to log into YouTube has been found – by logging into Runescape in the browser using Google. Evidently that login method still has the “not secure” abilities enabled… that is to say, Google isn’t blocking “embedded browsers” like Tesla uses.

So, go to the browser in the car, go to, go to “full site”, then tap “log in” in the upper-right corner of the page. Tap the “log in with Google” button, and then log in to your Google account. The action of logging-in to Google there is all you need to get into YouTube in the Theater browser (which is just a full-screen copy of the same web browser you’re using for Runescape). You don’t have to log in to Runescape or create an account with them – if you get a thing asking if you want to create a Runescape account, just ignore it, close the page, and you’re done.

Hopefully Tesla does the simple tweak that’s needed to make logging-in to YouTube directly work properly, but at least for now, you can enjoy YouTube Premium and your subscriptions in the car again during lunch breaks 🙂

Likely this will only last a short time before Google patches this as well (or Runescape retires the reason they need “not secure” OAuth enabled), but at least until Tesla pays the slightest attention to the issue and fixes it. Hopefully they’ll also fix USB media album art as well (I can dream, right?).

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