Opinion: Is (revised) Model S LR worth the $ increase ($20-30k) from a similar Model 3 or Y?

With the new 2021 revised Model S coming out in one month, where will it place the model 3 and Y. Previously, 3/Y had more recent upgrades and tech, but now the S will be on similar playing field.

Advantages for Model S: Styling seems better (opinion), heated and vented (front) seats, better sound system (22 speakers w noise cancellation), adjustable suspension height, longer range, li-on battery, LR has same 0-60 as M3P, larger center screen / actual gauge cluster screen / rear seat screen, similar storage to MY (rear hatchback).

Disadvantages: Extra $30k / or $20k from MYP or M3P, heavier, larger, more expensive to insure, heavier value depreciation from MY or M3.

Personal: I had previously justified to myself to plan to purchase a new Model Y. I preferred the looks of the Model 3, but the Y offered more storage and minimal price increase to justify it. While the performance model would be great, the wheels are too large for poorly maintained roads, and people have stated the suspension being aggressively stiff for DD. Now with the new Model S specs and tech upgrades, the increased price seems well justified. (Even compared to a MY LR + boost)

Curious what are your thoughts?

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