No Emergency Audible Warnings – Or Any Sounds At All

My Model 3 (28xxx) has an issue where there is no sound at all when I get into the car after a deep sleep.

The most concerning issue is the loss of audible emergency breaking warning, lane diverging warnings, and any other safety warnings (Take the Wheel – Red Alarm on Autopilot) do not sound. It’s unsafe.

The steering wheel reset does not work. I have to do a sub menu power down and restart or get out of the car and back in to reinitialize the sound.

Tesla service has said for over a year that this is a firmware issue that is currently under investigation. I keep trying to make service calls for it hoping it gets fixed.


Is it not a big concern that the emergency audible warning system is faulty? Anyone else had this problem? (I know at least one other redditor has that I’ve spoken to). And any recommendations on how to escalate this?

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