New Model 3 Decision: used 2019 with FSD or new 2021 without?

I’m a current 2019 SR+ M3 owner and I’ve started feelin’ some range pressure — and decided to upgrade. I’m trying to make a call between two options:

  1. A used 2019 LR M3 with ~10k miles and FSD
  2. A new 2021 LR M3 without FSD

Option 1) is running about $1200 more than option 2) with destination/doc fees accounted for.

Looking at these two options I’m leaning towards 2) because range was the main reason I’m looking to upgrade, and EPA rated 353 is better than the 310 rated LR from 2019. FSD was never really on my radar until I saw this option. I guess I’m trying to make sure I haven’t overlooked anything? Would love some input from y’all.

My understanding is both of these LR M3’s will have (roughly) similar hardware? AWD, motors/batteries/etc? But I could be really wrong about that and I’m hoping one of you will correct me.

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