Model 3 Acceleration Boost – wow

There were a few reasons I didn’t get the Performance TM3, mostly the lowered suspension and the 20″ wheels. I got the LR TM3 with the 19″ wheels – that was a few weeks ago.

Today I purchased Acceleration Boost and it loaded to my car pretty quickly (less than an hour, but I wasn’t checking in on it). Now, I’d driven the Performance TM3 back when they first came out… but that was a few years ago.

All I have to say is: wow. It’s a really noticeable difference. It goes from “wow, this is fast,” to “wow, this is seriously impressive.”

There’s a little bit of almost-unwieldly character with that extra half-second improvement in acceleration. And, if I am correct, the 0-60 times for the LR with Acceleration Boost are within a few tenths of a second of the original Performance TM3.

Anyway, wow.

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