Will Tesla Provide financing via blockchain smart contracts?

Currently you can finance a loan or enter a lease agreement with Tesla, both these services could be provided by a smart contract. It would reduce costs and risks for Tesla and provide better rates for us.

It is great we can soon buy a Tesla with Bitcoin, but Bitcoin is just digital cash, and the logical next step is digital financing where you write a loan ‘program’ or a ‘lease’ program to interact with digital cash to provide financing options.

That’s just traditional financing replacement which again is great, but the next logical step is asking what else can we do with my self driving car and it ability to interact with digital cash via smart contracts?

Well, a vehicle part owned by Tesla and part by the “owner” can generate revenue as a taxi or other logistics service provider, with that revenue being equally split between the two (or more) vehicle owners.

Any Powerwall in any home could sell electricity to any vehicle and charge per watt.

Cant afford a Tesla on your own? But one with your 3 friends and each get it one week a month (car drives itself between owners) while sharing taxi or rental revenue, or using it to pay off the vehicle. Or how about fractional ownership of a fleet?

What other smart contracts could we propose?

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