How long should a tire last of Model S

I bought my Model S 100D in December 2019 and I love it. It has Goodyear Eagle Touring M+S 245/45R19 98W. I just went over 20,000 miles. Over the weekend and on our way to mammoth from SoCal, we got a low tire warning on my front passenger side. We pulled to the nearest tire shop, they examined it but found no nails. They were kind enough to put air in it. But he noticed that the inside of both front tires was worn down and recommended that we replace them soon. After having the car sitting for couple of days, sure enough the pressure was low so I am suspecting a leak. The earliest appointment at a Tesla service center is next week Thursday. I called around and it seems that tire shops are not comfortable working on Tesla tires since is has a layer of foam. Any suggestions?

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