What are the chances Tesla opens up more custom order options for their various models?

I have about 2-3 years left on my current lease with BMW, and I know I want to get a Tesla next. But I’m kinda not happy with the lack of custom options I’m seeing available online through their website.

For instance, you can get black interior with a wood panel while the white interior comes with a silver(?) dash panel. Is there any reason I can’t do black and silver(?)? And then there are more complicated changes I wish were available, like how the model X interior has an “instrument panel” under the steering wheel, but also include rear wing styled doors. Also, while I think the model S looks classy as all out, it’s the interior Knight Rider steering wheel that’s a big turn off for me versus if it just had the standard O-wheel.

I’m not at all judging anyone else’s opinions if they like these designs, and I’m just simply wondering if there’s a reason Tesla doesn’t let you customize any of these elements (especially the interior dash trim looks).

Does anyone think Tesla will open up more custom options, or are these locked in stone for any unapparent reason?


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