Used 2015 Model S or Used 2018 Model 3?

Hey all! I’m trying to make a decision on what route to go and I just don’t have enough information to make a confident decision.

I was originally looking at buying a new model Y but got a little scared off due to the price and the current production issues. I was then thinking I could get a used Tesla and drive it for about 3-5 years and see what new stuff Tesla comes out with and buy what I really want after saving more money.

Are there any blatant red flags about buying a Tesla used? Should I go through the Tesla website or is it alright to buy from other places?

Now that I asked those overall questions the main question I’m considering is do I buy a 2018 used model 3 or a 2015/2017 used model S? I’ve found both for about the same price and just don’t know if there’s much of a difference.

Any and all help is super appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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