Tesla will probably update Model S tail lights this year

I’m pretty sure Tesla will update Model S tail lights this year. Here is the reasoning :

– V3 superchargers in Europe only have CCS combo cables.

– there is only space for the type 2 connector in the current Model S tail lights.

Of course, they can (and they do) sell a CCS to type 2 adapter, but I really feel this is only a temporary solution. I really can’t imagine Tesla selling a refreshed Model S with a different connector than those on all the new superchargers.

This is why I believe the non-American Model S is delayed to the end of the year. I think Japanese Model S also has the US connector, but as it’s RHD, they will (as UK and others) be served later…

What do you think those new tail lights will look like? Will they be totally different, or will they be just a bit bigger on the sides, like the Model 3 ones?

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